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Well my birthday is coming up and looking at buying a new gaming setup, since mines outdated and not doing so good and not worth just to upgrade parts. I don’t want to build one from scratch since i’m not good with that sort of stuff but i’m looking at and really like a computer there. Can I get some feedback on this setup i’m building-

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Answer by mickeysinonehand
The processor isn’t the best for gaming, kind of slow. The hard drive is fast enough but a raptor or one with at least 10,000 rpm is best. Ram is good, but could be a little faster. It comes with 2 of the slowest video cards on the “newer” market, but since it will be ran in sli it will be “ok”, just won’t play most games with extreme settings. power supply is good, shouldn’t have a power problem. The motherboard will support your upgrades for a while.The case is good, allot of room. Overall, the computer is an alright build for gaming, however for direct x 11 and great graphics you will need many upgrades, basically a different computer.

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