Info: Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Length: 30 Minutes Tracks: Security / Data Integrity Prerequisites: None Purpose of Class: This class introduces you to the basic concepts of computer security. Topics Covered: Defining Hackers Updating Software Antivirus Software Antimalware Software Firewalls Site Advisors Internet Security Suites Web Browser Security Problems Class Notes: Defining Hacker There are many reasons why people hack. Some do it for fun, profit or to prove a point. Hacking is simple enough that a 9 year old can do it. Software Flaws / Updates Are the prime reasons computers are compromised Anti Virus Protects against viruses A virus is self replicating and tries to damage a computer Anti Malware Malware is software that’s primary purpose is not to damage a computer Malware generally tries to collect information about a user, or tries to force a user to visit sites or buy products. Firewall Hardware firewalls are built into routers Software firewalls are installed onto your computer “Security” Suites Security Suites can be worse than hackers — We have met the enemy and he is us. Permissions If you use an account other than ADMINISTRATOR or ROOT when you normally use your computer you will be more secure. Site Advisors Warn you if you are going to an “unsafe” site Web Browsers The Problem with Internet Explorer is that is does more than just browse the Internet. Firefox and Chrome are better but still have problems

computer basics

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Question by Ben D: allocate a part of my computer processor?
Is there anyway I can allocate a part of my computer processor to a certain task?

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Answer by Stephen K
you need to have seperate processors. Unless there is a way to logically partition the CPU. I don’t believe windows has that capability.

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NB MY COMPUTER HAS ALREADY BEEN BUILT FOR OVER 6 MONTH’S SO I KNOW THESE VIDEO’S ARE OLD, BUT I WAS VERY BUSY AND THE MOVING CHANNEL’S REALLY MESSED IT UP…. Hey, so finally i am releasing my series on how to build a computer, click the playlist button so you can sit back relax and enjoy the whole thing. PLAYLIST: Take you’r time when doing all of this and try to not cut yourself don’t forget to rate,comment and subscribe. if you have any problems or requests message me or email me at: Twitter: @101TechHacker

how to build a computer

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Question by Ronald K: Can I add a new hard drive to an existing (1) drive computer & setup RAID-1 without formatting the 1st drive?
I want to to have automatic backups.

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Answer by Alex S
raid 1 is mirroring, so yes. you should be able to without a reformat. depending on the controller card, you should be able to build it without formatting

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Question by SkepCrock: What was the average cost of a low priced computer processor back in 1999 ?

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Answer by wang sang
In 1999 I paid $ 4000 for a mid range desktop, but I’ve not idea how much cpu’s were.

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Question by rdare23: Can I setup 2 print drives for the same printer on the 1 computer?
I have a computer that needs to be able to single side print and duplex print on the same printer but I dont want to go into properties and change it each time, so I was thinking two drivers one for single side printing and the other for duplexing and just have programs point to the corresponding drives.

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Answer by Chris M
You can you just have to select which printer drivers you want to use each time you print

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