*READ ME* How to make a 1.2,5 minecraft server With Buckkit : Windows + Mac If you don’t understand something, leave a comment and I will do my best to answer it! Or just join my awesome server? :D ip : Website : pimpcraft.weebly.com Downloads : Buckkit Download : To download the file go to : cbukk.it And click on the link under “Download the latest Recommended Build here:” on the right side of the page. Minecraft Download : www.minecraft.net Code for the Start Server.bat File : @echo off java -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit-1.2.5-R1.0.jar nogui pause Java is not recognized as a internal or external command error? I made a video on how to fix it! :D : www.youtube.com Step 2, port forwarding : portforward.com My Website : www.thecomputerdewd.com Thanks, Jason Contact Main Email’s Jasoncher@gmail.com TheComputerDewd@gmail.com Youtube Accs: Youtube.com/TheComputerDewd Youtube.com/vladicher Phone: Calling: (601)812-6590 Texting: (918)917-5551 Thanks for watching

how to build a computer


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Jeff Checchi walks you through the installation of our new Hydro Series™ H60 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler.

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Hello everybody, Tom here from TehPCGamers and today is a very detailed but easy way to create and run a minecraft server using Hamachi, any problems please don’t dislike, leave your problem in the comments and if i can’t solve it feel free to dislike ;) Hamatchi – secure.logmein.com Minecrafts DL – www.minecraft.net

how to build a computer


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Question by : What’s the difference between the different processors in computers?
I’m on HP trying to figure out what computer I want and I’m comparing the different types. The problem is that I don’t know whats the difference between different processors. Does it matter?


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SPEED in GHZ and the numbers especailly intels actually mean something. i3 has 3 cores. i5 has five cores and i7 has seven cores. If you running games or advanced programs you need speed.

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Part 1 shows some basic features in final cut pro x like creating a project and adjusting color of the video clips. Tags: final cut pro finalcut finalcutpro x editing 8 software apple download tutorial demo demonstration creating movies clips audio format render settings adjust color transitions sound effects pro apple mac masking key frame keyframe saturation part 1 intro computer video editing canon t3i cod call of duty background awesome features imovie X

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Hey guys, over the next few tutorials I’m going to be showing you how to build a computer, but first I need to teach you all about the parts, and showing you how to decide which parts to get, and if they fit into your computer. You can buy ever part that I talk about can be bought here, for an amazing price: newegg.com ~*Disclaimer*~ Any tutorial/video that is posted under the TechMaster00 channel regarding internal computer work or handling delicate computer parts and YOU happen to crack/brake something, TechMaster00 is not responsible for any damage that you cause while watching any TechMaster00 videos. Thank you! *-Any questions/comments/concerns, give me a shout out!-*

how to build a computer


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