In this series (PART 1 – 9) of videos we are building a rig/workstation aka “Monster” that includes such parts as the EVGA SR – 2 motherboard, 2 6 core intel xeon processors, the EVGA GTX 560 ti video and other top of the line parts. This PC will also be water cooled and mainly used for tasks as video editing and music production using Pro Tool 10 and other production software. Check out all of the rest of the parts to see the complete build and the final review and thoughts at the end.

how computer processors work

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Question by BMCNAIR: how do I setup my computer to display pictures on a widescreen monitor ?
everyone looks short and fat on the widescreen using any pgm to display pictures…

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Answer by desicarmona
try getting your updates from and this will detect your new screen and will give you the drivers you will need to thell your screenz what to do with those pictures………….laterzzzzzzzzzz

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Question by insanity5400: I want to have a dual monitor setup on my computer, what is the best solution?
I have seen some references to VGA splitters or video adaptors etc. Would that be an easy option?
I would like to be able to use it as a dual workspace (ie have one monitor running outlook whilst the other is play music etc)

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Answer by Venom
Your best solution is to get a video card with 2 outputs.

Choices : 2 x DVI outputs
1 x DVI output + 1 VGA output
More rare today = 2 x VGA outputs

If you have CRT monitors the any of the 2 above will work.
If you have 2 LCD monitors i suggest you get the 2 X DVI outputs.

Then in the video cards’ driver settings it will allow you to setup dual display.

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A quick overview of my gaming setup -Cooler master CM 690 -GTX 260 core 216 -Amd phenom 2 940 @ 3.2 mhz -3GB ddr2 -thermaltake 850w psu -gigabyte ma-770-ud3 mobo -hitachi 320gb -western digital 640 gb

computer setup

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just an update on my whole setup there. i like it!

computer setup

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Question by Sammy K: How can I use two separate keyboard/mouse with 1 computer in a dual monitor setup.?
I’m of moderate tech intelligence and I have a computer that runs dual monitors, and I can run separate fullscreen apps or surf the web or do whatever in each window.
But what I want to do is get setup to use 2 mice and 2 keyboards so that two different people can use the one computer and each have a monitor to work in.
Is this possible? If so, how can I go about it.

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Answer by Skoder
Well its not impossible but you have to remember that a computer is made for one person to use, sure you can have other use it. But remember that if you for example edit some video and the other person plays some games, it will most likely lag allot. So in other words its a bad idea bc you can get a cheap secondary computer. And most of the operation systems are build for one person to control, think of like a car you only can have one driver. If you add one more you can get confusion and you don`t know anymore where you going. And beside desktops now are not that expensive.

As they say its a bad idea to put the dog and cat in the same room, or 2 persons cant share one chair.

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