Specs I7 3960X@4.5Ghz Asus Rampage IV Extreme X79 32gig Mushkin Enhanced Redline 2133Mhz – frostbite heatsinks 2X EVGA GTX 590 SLI Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium sound card 2X 120gig OCZ Vertex 3 SATA 3 SSD’s – RAID 0 1X 240gig Corsair Force 3 SATA 3 SSD 1X 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black 64 meg cache SATA 3 hard drive 1X 500gig Western Digital 500gig SATA 2 hard drive Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced case Corsair AX1200 power supply Corsair H100 liquid cpu cooler Lite-On Blu ray burner Asus double layer DVD burner Logitech G9X gaming mouse Logitech G15 gaming keyboard Xbox 360 wireless gamepad Samsung LN46A950 LED HDTV Pioneer Elite VSX-59TXi receiver NAD 216THX power amp Mirage OM-9 main speakers Mirage OMNI CC center channel speaker 4X Mirage OMNI FX surround speakers Mirage LF-150 subwoofer

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This is Part 14 in my How to Build a Computer on How to Mount your Motherboard to your Case! Click here for Part 15: www.youtube.com Click here for the Playlist: www.youtube.com ———————————————————- Email: crowoy@gmail.com Twitter: twitter.com FaceBook: on.fb.me ———————————————————-

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This is Part 13 in my How to Build a Computer series on Preparing your Case for everything else! Click here for Part 14: www.youtube.com Click here for the Playlist: www.youtube.com ———————————————————- Email: crowoy@gmail.com Twitter: twitter.com FaceBook: on.fb.me ———————————————————-

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[EDIT] This is my old setup. I will post an update when all my parts come in. [/EDIT] :) This is the setup I, twoKplusONE from Jobless Gamers, play on daily. I know this case is meant for liquid cooling. I am sure I will have that & a bigger TV in my next setup update. Until then, I think my setup is fine as is. Please leave any thoughts or questions bellow. Thanks. It includes: Rampage III Extreme Core i7 920 @ 4GHz with some crappy heat sink 2 x 6GB of 1600MHz Corsair Dominator EVGA GTX470s @ 700MHz (up from 607MHz) x 2 2 x 50GB Agility 2 SSDs in RAID 0 2TB Western Digital Black HDD 1250W Evo Galaxy PSU Windows 7 Professional 64 bit 5 120mm Xigmatek orange with white led fans 3 140mm stock Corsair fans Corsair Obsidian 800D case

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In this series (PART 1 – 9) of videos we are building a rig/workstation aka “Monster” that includes such parts as the EVGA SR – 2 motherboard, 2 6 core intel xeon processors, the EVGA GTX 560 ti video and other top of the line parts. This PC will also be water cooled and mainly used for tasks as video editing and music production using Pro Tool 10 and other production software. Check out all of the rest of the parts to see the complete build and the final review and thoughts at the end.

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Make your games run faster and smoother

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